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Electropolishing in compliance with ASTM B922

Our electropolishing bath measures 6m x 1.5m x 1.5m making it the largest in Western Australia.

What is Electropolishing:
Electropolishing is a process that streamlines the microscopic surface of a metal object by removing metal from the object’s surface through an electrochemical process similar. The process is the reverse of electroplating. The metal peaks or high points of the stainless steel are shredded, resulting in a smooth finish making the finish ideal for products used in marine and arduous environments.

- Electropolishing provides thirty times the corrosion resistance compared to passivation.
- Brighter smoother polished presentation
- Superior mechanical properties
- Increased corrosion resistance
- Reduces tea staining, corrosion and pitting.
- Reduces maintenance costs, easier to maintain.
- Reduced cost of ownership
- Increased durability and longevity.

International Corrosion Services offers a high-quality Electropolish treatment process in compliance with ASTM B922 standard resulting in a high quality finish that will perform at it optimum best in all conditions.

- Largest electropolishing bath in Western Australia resulting in less on-site welds
- Bath dimensions: 6m x 1.5m x 1.5m
- Fully compliant to all regulatory requirements

Commonly Electropolished Stainless Steel Items:
- Marine spools
- Marine and boating accessories and parts
- Balustrading and Handrails
- Stanchions
- Fences Gates and Doors
- Bollards
- Chairs
- Bins
- Bike Racks
- Street Art
- Medical Items
- Fuel Tanks
Please see some large projects that we have been entrusted with: 

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Electropolishing is the most efficient metal finishing process available. It provides thirty times the corrosion resistance compared to passivation, making it an effective process in marine environments where stainless would readily rust and deteriorate. Following electropolishing treatment, parts have a long-lasting resistance to rust, extending the life of the asset and providing a bright decorative finish. Electropolished stainless steel is also used for surgical applications as it is smooth, free of burrs, corrosion resistant and clean.

Electropolished stainless is also ideal for hospitality applications. When hydrogen is present in stainless steel it provides a suitable breeding ground for bacteria. Electropolishing is the only process that removes the presence of hydrogen from the surface and throughout stainless, protecting equipment from bacterial growth. It also removes the peaks and highpoints where bacteria can harbor, resisting contamination and moisture.
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    Benefits of Electropolishing Stainless Steel

    • Superior physical appearance
    • Enhanced mechanical properties
    • Improved corrosion resistance
    • A clean, smooth surface which is easier to sterilise
    • Improved rust protection
    • Life extension
    • The ability to polish areas that are inaccessible by other polishing methods
    The ASTM standard ASTM B912 recommends pickling and passivating the stainless steel to ASTM A380, a pre-treatment process for a premium stainless steel polish result, extending the life and quality of electropolished steel electropolishing. International Corrosion Services is currently the only facility in Western Australia to be able to offer this large-scale service. Learn more

    ICS Electropolishing Bath Features

    • New 5000amp state of the art German manufactured rectifier
    • Mixer for agitation of the fluid
    • Temperature sensor.
    • Electrical heaters.
    • Electrical control panel and control units.
    • Bath cover/lid (manual handling).
    • Fumes exhaust system.
    • Waste Disposal and recycling system.
    • 10 tonne and 5 tonne overhead cranes.
    Regulatory Approvals

    ICS is Fully Compliant to carry out these chemical treatments

    Dangerous Goods Storage Licence
    Poisons Licence
    Water Corporation Permit to Dispose of Industrial Waste
    EPA Approval for Metal Shearing
    Ongoing Emissions Assessment