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Albright Acidic Aluminium Brightener and Cleaner

Albright is a powerful acidic detergent designed to quickly remove atmospheric corrosion, road grime, and soils from all aluminium surfaces, various stone and cement building materials.

  • Often used to prepare an aluminium surface before welding and to clean off weld scale.
  • Commonly used to deoxidise and brighten transport vans, boat hulls, aluminium sidings, and road tankers.
  • Albright works quickly to restore the original lustre to the metal; it can also be used to brighten mag wheels.
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Meta-Brite Metal Brightener and Stainless Steel Cleaner

Meta-Brite is a fast-acting metal surface cleaner.

  • Restore old aluminium surfaces by removing oxidation caused by age, weathering and neglect.
  • Effective in removing road grime and dust.
  • Suitable for road transport,  bull bars, steps and trays, intercoolers and radiators.
  • Perfect for giving new life to aluminium boats and trailers.
  • Leaves a matt clean surface finish.
  • Suitable for pre-weld aluminium surface preparation and post-weld surface cleaning.
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Triple7 Super Shine

A non-toxic and non-corrosive solution that is used to clean metal surfaces, ovens, and range hoods.