ActiveEco Anti-Foam Defoamer

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ActiveEco Antifoam is a non-ionic aqueous emulsion used to suppress or control the formation of foam in aqueous media, effluent treatment, and processes in industry in which foaming is an issue.

NSN Code  5 Litre      6850-66-164-0998

Product Description


Innovative Chemistry – ActiveEco Antifoam is a broad-spectrum, high performance defoamer specially designed for reducing / eliminating foaming in industrial applications and environmentally sensitive environments.

Quick Acting – Rapidly disperses in water and aqueous media to give immediate foam control.

Safe for Equipment – ActiveEco Antifoam does not damage the cleaning surfaces, seals,
rubbers or pipework systems.

Work Safe Formulation – ActiveEco Antifoam is non-hazardous and is a low odour
formulation making it safe and pleasant to use.