Purasolve Portable Biological Parts Washers

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Purasolve Biological Parts Washers are designed to be perfectly safe for the user and the environment, having no toxic vapour or risk of fire or explosion.

Product Description

These machines use water-based cleaning liquids with surfactants, combined with natural microorganism tablets to bioremediate hydrocarbons and provide excellent degreasing power.

Made of rotomolded plastic technology, the Purasolve Bacterial Parts Washers Technology 3.0 offer great heat retention and limit liquid evaporation.

With easy setup and replaceable filters, it’s the perfect solution for cleaning a wide range of parts.

Purasolve Biological Parts Washers comes in 3 different models depending on your requirements:

  • 100L with 30L soaking tank
  • 100L with 80L soaking tank and optional agitation system
  • 40L Mobile parts washer with 4L soaking tank

Parts Washer Models

  PSB-100-30 PSB-100-80 PSB-40M
Dimension (LxDxH) 905 x 650 x 1080mm 1160 x 660 x 1010mm 82 x 53 x 105mm
Working Area Dimension (LxDxH) 790 x 420 x 180mm 900 x 570 x 220mm 55 x 43 x 15mm
Weight Capacity 100kg 100kg 30kg
Tank Capacity 100 Litres 105 Litres 40 Litres
Soaking Area 30 Litres / 90mm high 80 Litres / 160mm high 4 Litres / 8mm high
Pump 19L/min 13L/min 6L/min
Heating 38°C / 1kW 38°C / 1kW 38°C / 2kW
Filtration 140micron 100micron 50micron
Mobility 4 wheels (2 with brake) Footed (no wheels) 4 wheels (2 with brake)
Power 230V, 200W/h (optional Eco Mode) 230V, 190W/h 230V, 150W/h