Purasolve MS High Performance Safety Solvent

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Purasolve MS is a plant-based evaporative solvent that provides superior cleaning power with fewer workplace risks. It is designed to be effective against heavy-duty staining.Purasolve MS is formulated to tackle heavy-duty cleaning jobs without damaging most elastomeric, metal, and plastic surfaces. It effectively removes gum, adhesives, epoxy, silicone, dried lubricants and fuels, paint, most waxes, urethane sealants and ink.

Product Description

  • High solvency cleaning power
  • Safer industrial solvent
  • Effective across many applications
  • Re-usable for cost savings
  • Replaces common solvents
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Environmentally responsible

Usage Instructions – Purasolve MS is formulated to tackle heavy duty cleaning jobs without damaging most elastomeric, metal and plastic surfaces.


  • Always test the solution on a small patch before use.


  • Purasolve MS can be used at full concentration to loosen and remove soiling, or diluted with water or Triple7 Colloidal Concentrate to become a heavy duty release agent.
  • The product can be applied manually through sprayers, pressure washers, steam cleaners, auto scrubbers, parts washers, ultrasonics, dip baths and dispensing equipment.
  • Purasolve MS is low-foaming and free rinsing in hot and cold water. Residual solvent acts as a rust inhibitor and natural lubricant.


  • The product can be filtered to remove contaminants and re-used for long term cleaning.