Purasolve Parts Cleaner SK Parts Washing Solution

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Purasolve Parts Cleaner SK is a fully recyclable, low vapour, benzene free, high purity hydrocarbon degreasing solvent for use in parts washers. It has been specially designed for the easy removal of heavy bearing grease and mining applications

Product Description

A powerful, fully recyclable, heavy duty parts washing solution

  • High-Tech Parts Washing Solution
  • Fully Recyclable
  • Lasts for a minimum of 18 months when used with Purasolve Filters
  • Developed to Replace Dangerous Solvents for Parts Cleaning
  • Non-Flammable and Non-Explosive
  • No Bacteria or Enzymes
  • Extreme Grease Removing Action
  • Improves Worker Health & Safety
  • Reduced PPE requirement
  • NSN 6850-66-163-6888 – 20Ltr Drum
    NSN 6850-66-163-6887 – 200Ltr Drum