Purasolve Precision Electrical Parts Cleaner

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Purasolve Precision Cleaner is a non-explosive, low hazard electrical contact cleaner and residue free safety solvent for precision electrical contact cleaning applications. Purasolve Precision Cleaner is a non-conductive, safe solvent developed to replace explosive solvents for residue free electrical contact cleaning.

Product Description

  •  High tech electrical contact safety solvent
  •  Slow evaporating for extended cleaning time
  •  Last 10 times longer than other solvents
  •  High dielectric strength and residue free finish
  •  Better for your health, safety and the environment

Traditional electrical contact cleaners can contain highly toxic and dangerous products. They often contain a mixture of explosive gases combined with solvents that have been linked to health problems such as cancer and nerve damage. With Purasolve Precision Cleaner you can breathe easy. It is 100% free of dangerous Chlorinated or Halogenated Solvents and does not contain any suspected carcinogens. The n-Hexane free formulation also protects you from long term nerve damage.