Purasolve PS-200 Paint Gun Cleaning Station

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The Purasolve PS200 is a high performance Paint Equipment Cleaner / Reclamation system. It is designed for efficiency and safety with reductions and savings in through-life costs, through a unique recycling system.

Product Description

Paint Gun Cleaner / Reclamation System

  • Integral Recycling / Reuse System
  • Utilises Fully Recyclable Safety Solvents
  • Automatic Cleaning Cycle
  • Automatic Lid Closure when Not In Use
  • Protects Your Health
  • Reduces Disposal Issues
  • Reduces Through-Life Costs


  • Outer Dimensions: 686mm x 660mm x 838mm
  • Inside Dimensions: 457mm x 457mm x584mm
  • Fluid Capacity: 114 litre
  • Pump: Double Diaphragm Air Operated
  • Air Supply Pressure: 20 – 100psi
  • Lid Assembly: Fusible Link Latch Bar
  • 2 Position Valve for Processing or Dispensing: 75mm Caster Wheels
  • Filtration: 2 Stage Diffusion w/ Filtration to .1 micron mominal