Purasolve PWD Non Evaporative Crude Oil Solvent

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A proprietary mixture of bio-based ingredients specifically formulated for breaking down heavy organics in crude oil including paraffin wax and asphaltenes.

Product Description

Powerful Technology
Purasolve PWD is a bio-based formulation specifically designed to improve well oil production while reducing costs.

Purasolve PWD breaks down heavy organics in crude oil including paraffin wax and asphaltenes. These heavy organics diminish crude oil flow and pumping efficiency by sticking to the sides of flow lines and pumping equipment. If the heavy organics are not removed, the paraffin gradually builds up and eventually makes it economically unfeasible to continue production. Therefore, thousands of wells have been abandoned due to this problem, leaving behind a huge percentage of crude oil. When heavy organics build-up in storage tanks and transportation vessels, it also reduces storage and transportation efficiencies, which ultimately leads to higher overall costs.

Purasolve PWD is a safe and effective product for removing paraffin from pipes, wellbores, processing equipment and storage tanks. The benefits of using Purasolve PWD include increased storage capacities, improves overall production performance, lifecycle maintenance of equipment and greater recovery of crude oil deposits, thereby increasing revenue.

Purasolve PWD will immediately soften and dissolve paraffin wax, asphaltenes and bitumen without the use of heat, so that crude oil will flow more smoothly and equipment will not breakdown due to friction caused by wax build-up. Unlike most detergents and caustic reagents, Purasolve PWD is safe to use on most processing equipment, pipes and tools.