Purasolve Filter Secondary (each)

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The Purasolve Secondary Filter assists in the filtration, recycling and reusing of Purasolve Solvents.

Product Description

Purasolve Secondary Filter is step two in the unique two-step filtration to purify and cleanse the solvent for reuse, which dramatically extends solvent life.

It is used in conjunction with the Purasolve Primary Filter. It is part of the Purasolve Filter Kit and most Purasolve Parts Washers, such as the Purasolve PS6 Parts Washer.

Follow the changeout manual to fit the Purasolve Secondary Filter to the Purasolve Filter Kit.

Service & Maintenance Packages are available for the units if required.

Top Up the Cleaning Solvent: https://youtu.be/1cyaA0pxMT0
Change out the filter: https://youtu.be/GDpfbqRWMHg
Empty the solids collection Tray: https://youtu.be/EPTsBOIUPJw
Change out the Brush https://youtu.be/tjAjTwKs8zQ

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