S-Weld Brite Wash

$160.00 ex. GST

Warning: All West Australian customers must hold an Industrial Poisons Permit to buy pickling products containing hydrofluoric acid under the Medicines and Poisons Act 2014.

Product Description

Click here to download the S-Weld Brite MSDS
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Stainless Steel Cleaner & Corrosion Remover

S-Weld Brite Wash is an acidic, biodegradable detergent designed for surface cleaning of
stainless steel after fabrication and for in-situ cleaning of architectural stainless steel surfaces. It will remove the surface dust, soil, rust, rust and water stains, iron and organic contamination without affecting the surface finish of stainless steel. It can also remove surface corrosion and staining on handrails and other stainless steel surfaces.

S-Weld Brite Wash Benefits:

• Readily miscible with water
• Effectively removes organic soil, dirt and iron
• Leaves a clean surface without affecting surface finish
• Removes corrosion products (rust), rust stain, oxides
• Aids surface passivation