Triple7 Iodosan Broad Spectrum Iodine Based Sanitiser

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Triple7 Iodosan is a broad spectrum, detergent disinfectant effective against a wide range of bacteria & organisms.

Powerful broad spectrum iodine based sanitiser

  • High Performance, Iodine Based Sanitiser
  • Broad Spectrum Microbiocide
  • Quick Kill, Low Residual
  • Natural, Effective Cleaning
  • Disinfects all Hard Surfaces
  • Rinse free @ 1:700 (approx. 15ml to 10 Litres)
  • 99.9% Kill Rate in 2 minutes

NSN 7930-66-166-0988 – 5Ltr Drum

NSN 7930-66-153-2102 – 20Ltr Drum


Triple7 Iodosan can be used in a variety of disinfection and sanitising applications including:

  • Water tanks, amphibious craft and bilges
  • Sewage and effluent tank cleaning
  • Cooling tower, farm equipment, buildings & broiler sheds
  • Kitchen & Food preparation areas and equipment
  • Glassware & Utensil cleaning
  • Laboratory instruments and equipment
  • Food and Dairy plants
  • Bottling and Canning Industries
  • Bins & Garbage Compactors
  • Poultry drinking water
  • Amenities cleaning
  • Hospitals, Operating Theatres, Ambulances, Aged Care and Morgues
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Swimming Pools, Change-rooms
  • Plant and Cool Room sanitising
  • Ideal for marine disinfection flushes. Quickly biodegrades, allowing fast tank entry after sanitisation.
  • Effective against gram positive and gram negative bacteria, moulds, fungi, spores etc.