Triple7 Safestain


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Triple7 Safestain is a highly concentrated, non-toxic and non-flammable laundry pre-soak and stain remover. The product is a plant-based surfactant formulation that loosens organic stains without using harmful chemicals.

Product Description

Triple7 Safestain is made from renewable resources and is environmentally responsible. It is free of: Glycol ethers, petroleum distillates, terpenes, reagents, builders, synthetics, aminonitrates and aromatics.


Application Method

Soak garments in a 10% solution of Triple7 Safestain in water and leave overnight. Wash as usual using Triple7 Safewash Laundry Detergent. Always pretest on an inconspicuous area before use. For heavy soiling and previously washed stains, pour a small amount of Triple7 Safestain directly onto the stain, working into the fabric gently until the stain loosens.

Tips on Efficient Cleaning

  1. Do not over-use Triple7 Safewash, as too much product is wasteful, requires added rinse water and may cause over sudsing.
  2. Pre-soak stained fabrics to remove grass, blood, ink, lubricants, felt marker, paint, tea, coffee, urine, coke and tar residues.
  3. Washing with warm water (minimum of 35oC) gives better release of protein allergens and organic stains.
Australian Defence NSN Classification 6850-66-164-0997 –  5Litre