Purasolve Ultrasonic Parts Washers

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Purasolve Ultrasonic Baths are designed for heavy duty industrial daily use. These machines are made of stainless steel and reliable parts to endure under extreme conditions and last for a very long time.

Product Description

Some benefits of using Purasolve Ultrasonic Parts Washers include:

  • The highest quality of cleaning and homogeneous results
  • Ultrasonic cleaning enables cleaning even inside holes and cavities
  • Allows for a non-abrasive cleaning process to protect most valuable parts
  • Environmentally friendly, consuming the lowest power and water in ultrasonic cleaning
  • Improved worker health and safety with reduced operator exposure to chemicals
  • Let us know your exact application needs! Email us at sales@internationalcs.com.au

Model Specifications

Model PSU550PW PSU750PW PSU850PW PSU1250PW
Internal Tank Dimensions 600x450x450mm 800x500x500mm 900x650x650mm 1300x800x750mm
Platform Dimensions 550x300mm 750x400mm 850x500mm 1250x700mm
Internal Tank Capacity 200Ltr 260Ltr 350Ltr 720Ltr
Platform Elevator Optional Optional Included Included
Load Capacity 75kg 150kg 350kg 550kg
Power/Peak 750/1500kW 1500/3000kW 3000/6000kW 4500/9000kW
Heater Power 15kW 15kW 15kW 15kW
Automatic Cover Optional Optional Included Included
Oil Water Separator Included Included
Automatic Liquid Level Control Optional Optional Included Included
PLC Screen Included Included