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A versatile magnetic crawler that can be customised to suitable endless applications.

The robot is no larger than a regular check-in suitcase and equipped with strong magnets to ensure adhesion and a tooling plate for attaching any sort of tool or gear on top. The robot is fit for industrial cleaning and inspection jobs which require working in heights, and with your own customized tools, the robot can simplify jobs across industries. It will make it easier to access hard-to-reach areas and can improve safety and reduce manpower.

International Corrosion Solutions is the Australian Distributors for the Award Winning CLIIN Magnetic Robotic Crawler designed, engineered and optimised in Denmark for Cleaning, Maintenance and Inspection of Cargo Holds, Tanks and Windfarms.
+ Your Application
Adaptable for a multitude of applications and is water resistant to 30 meters.

Wind Turbines

The ROV can efficiently clean the inside and outside of wind turbines. with proper inspection equipments it can be used to inspect the blades.


Make cleaning and risky mining jobs easier and access narrow areas with the ROV.


Make painting of ships, wind turbines, tanks, and other industrail painting jobs systematic and simple with the ROV.


Use the ROV for welding jobs in large constructions and areas which are difficult to access.