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Cargo Hold Cleaning

Effective, safe and chemical-free robotic carbo hold cleaning.


Tank Cleaning

Eliminate scaffolding and reduce manpower with fast, powerful, and green robotic tank cleaning


Versatile Crawler

Customise your ROV to simplify tasks within your industry.
International Corrosion Solutions is the Australian Distributors for the Award Winning CLIIN Magnetic Robotic Crawler designed, engineered and optimised in Denmark for Cleaning, Maintenance and Inspection of Cargo Holds, Tanks and Windfarms.


The CLIIN Versatile Robotic Crawler has been developed to enable safe and simple cleaning operations using only freshwater, thus eliminating the need for chemicals. CLIIN's objective is to develop solutions which provide for a sustainable future in shipping and other heavy industries. CLIIN work from the premise that sustainability and improved operational costs are to be achieved jointly by the means of high-tech, easy-to-use solutions.

Benefits of Robotic Cleaning

Simplifying operations across industries
Time savings compared to traditional cleaning methods
Safety: reduced need for working at heights
Eliminates need for scaffolding and Boom Lifts
90% reduction of chemical and unnecessary waste
Reduced risk to chemical exposure to personnel
Sustainable method for cleaning
Built for tough and demanding environments
Incredible magnetic strength
Water resistant to 30 meters of water
Cleans up to 800 square meters per hour
Designed with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in mind