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Achieve significantly improved profitability and environmental impact by applying CLIIN robot technology.

CLIIN Robotic crawler can be adapted for a multitude of other applications and is water resistant to 30 meters.
International Corrosion Solutions is the Australian Distributors for the Award Winning CLIIN Magnetic Robotic Crawler designed, engineered and optimised in Denmark for Cleaning, Maintenance and Inspection of Cargo Holds, Tanks and Windfarms.


Cleaning with the Cargo Hold Robot (CHR) replaces a conventional four-step cleaning process involving tons of chemicals and water with a one-step pure freshwater cleaning process. This cuts time spent on cargo hold cleaning by 50%.
The CHR gives direct access to difficult areas in the cargo hold like topside and behind frames.
 The CHR cleans most cargos, including pet coke, only by using high-pressure fresh water.
CHR cleaning optimises cargo intake by only generating 40 – 70mt of cleaning water compared to 200mt+ with conventional cleaning. In addition, disposal of sludge is less costly as it does not contain chemicals.
Makes it possible for 1-3 members of staff to control the entire cleaning process without chemical suits and cleaning apparatus.

General Mechanics

The Cargo Hold Robots are made up of highly durable mechanics all from non-corrosive materials. Special for the CHR is that it is small enough to fit between the frames of a cargo hold and light enough for it to be operated by as little as two members of staff. Additionally, it makes it possible to clean while the ship is sailing and the hatches are closed because of the lights attached to the robot.

Tool mounting system

The system allows a number of different tools to be mounted to the Cargo Hold Robot for various cleaning purposes.

Magnetic support system

The bottom of the Cargo Hold Robot is made up of a patented magnetic support system ensuring adhesion when the robot is passing dents or obstacles.

Magnetic Tracks

Patented magnetic tracks making it possible for the robot to stick to almost every surface. The tracks have exchangeable rubber pads making it possible to change them when worn.
Hire & Sales
Robotic cleaners are available for short and long-term hire and purchase. Contact us for pricing and further information.

Cargo Hold Cleaning made easy

By deploying the CLIIN robot in a cargo hold cleaning configuration, bulk shipping companies will be able to replace a normal four-step cleaning process involving tons of chemicals and water with a one-step pure freshwater cleaning process.

The CHR is permanently installed on board the vessel and is semi automatically operated by the vessels crew as and when required. Apart from limiting the environmental impact, the CLIIN robot cleaning process is faster, less labor intensive and provides a significantly more effective cleaning, thus providing shipping companies a value proposition of more laden days, higher cargo intake and lower cost.

Depending on operational pattern, shipping companies can expect a return on investment in less than a year. Equipped with high-pressure cleaning tools and magnetic tracks for climbing all parts of the cargo hold, the CHR ensures an efficient and thorough cleaning.

CHR Cleaning Solution

Reduces ballast days by shortening cleaning time in cargo holds
Reduces chemical usage with 80-100% as well as water usage when cleaning cargo holds
Reduces the number of staff members involved in cleaning operations to 1-3 per robot
Eliminates the need for external cleaning crews for any kind of cargos
Eliminates the need for other cleaning equipment onboard
Leads to significant savings and has a payback time of less than a year depending on the operational pattern
Improves working environment by reducing the amount of dangerous manual labour needed
Allows for more cargo to be carried by reducing the need for carrying cleaning water in the ballast tank

The solution consists of simple to use equipment

Cargo Hold Robot (CHR)

Equipped with magnetic tracks which enable the robot to climb at various angles in the cargo hold.

High-pressure System

A combined pump and water tank to provide the robot with high-pressure water flow. The solution uses freshwater. By adding CLIIN’s hotbox the water can be heated to a temperature of 60 degrees celsius.


Easy to connect and user friendly interface which enables the user to control the robot and the water flow from the tank top.

CHR cleaning possibilities

Water consumption and time usage


3 - 6 hours
cleaning time per cargo hold
8 - 10 tonnes
fresh water consumption per cargo hold


4 - 6 hours
cleaning time per cargo hold
10 - 12 tonnes
fresh water consumption per cargo hold


6 - 9 hours
cleaning time per cargo hold
11 - 14 tonnes
fresh water consumption per cargo hold


8 - 12 hours
cleaning time per cargo hold
12 - 16 tonnes
fresh water consumption per cargo hold