Triple7 Awaken – Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

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Awaken your skin and delight your senses. This powerful hand cleanser effectively removes dirt, grime, paints, oils, dyes and unpleasant odours without irritating sensitive skin. Triple7 Awaken is a pure, natural and effective alternative to chemical-based hand cleansers. Leaves hands clean, soft and fresh without harsh scrubbing.


• Effectively removes heavy and ingrained dirt and grime
• Lifts paints and dyes including hair dye
• Removes odours at the source, doesn’t cover them up with fragrance
• Safe for all skin types including sensitive skin
• Natural grit for deep cleaning
• Does not strip away skin’s natural oils
• Natural product
• Biodegradable

Accreditation and Approvals

Australian Defence NSN Classification 300g         8520-66-164-0991
Australian Defence NSN Classification  4.75 kg    8520-66-164-0992
Australian Defence NSN Classification  20kg        8520-66-164-0993