Triple7 Eco-Scale Plus Lime and Calcium Remover

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High performance, low corrosion, limescale and calcium remover for challenging Mining, Oil & Gas industry applications

Product Description

Triple7 Eco-Scale Plus is a unique and highly concentrated limescale and calcium remover designed to meet the challenges of the Mining, Oil and Gas Industry. The highly concentrated formulation of naturally derived acids and bio based surfactants provides maximum limescale removal performance without corrosion damage to valuable equipment.

Triple7 Eco-Scale Plus has been formulated with worksafety in mind, offering powerful limescale removal performance without introducing dangerous acids into the workplace. Unlike other limescale removers Triple7 Eco-Scale Plus requires no PPE, contains no toxic or dangerous ingredients and can be disposed of without risk of environmental damage.

  • unique high performance surfactant formulation
  • won’t damage expensive equipment
  • fast acting for reduced maintenance downtime
  • specifically designed for Mining, Oil & Gas industry
  • no special transport or handling precautions
  • safe for workers
  • No DG Rating
  • no toxic or harmful chemicals
  • dispose down sewers