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Fortuna International crew trained as Cargo Hold Robot operators

This week CEO of Fortuna International, Yurii Bohatyrov, and six of Fortuna’s cleaning team foremen visited the CLIIN Robotics headquarter in Søborg for two days of introduction and training with our robots.

Combining the experience and skills of Fortuna with the power of the Cargo Hold Robot ensures a cargo hold cleaning operation with improved efficiency, and reduced risk of delays and hold rejections. The majority of the cleaning can be performed during discharge and implies no use of chemicals. Any remaining cleaning can be done during voyage to ensure a timely and satisfying result.

The six new robot operators from Fortuna took part in classroom sessions with instructions on the safety, use, and maintenance of the equipment and in live trials where they all got hands-on experience with the robots and high-pressure equipment.

Source: https://cliin.dk/