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We provide high-quality stainless steel corrosion treatment with the largest pickling & passivation bath of it’s kind in Western Australia.


Prevent corrosion with a precision electropolish finish that ensures optimum performance in all conditions.

Onsite stainless steel cleaning, pickling and passivation. No job too big or small.

Restore your stainless steel to optimum performance and extend the life of your asset. Carrying only highly reputable brands and backed by a team of seasoned professionals, International Corrosion Services stands by a commitment to excellence in whatever we do. Contact Western Australia's most experienced corrosion treatment professionals for a quote today.

No Piece of Stainless Steel is Too Big or Small!

As the world's leader in the treatment of stainless steel, ICS offers a range of stainless steel bath treatment services such as pickle and passivation to AS 1627, ASTM A380 & A967 as well as electropolishing treatment to ASTM B912. No piece of stainless steel is too big or small as ICS boasts Western Australia’s largest treatment bath systems as well as bunded spray pickling options.